Robert Lievemont

In embarking on his career, Robert Lievemont chose to go into insurance brokerage with Antwerpian company Cagetra, which was later incorporated into the Reed Stenhouse Group. He then pursued this profession as a manager with L. Van Eessel, part of the Marsh group.

At the end of the 1980s, Robert Lievemont created his own insurance broker office: I.B.C. & C° (Insurance & Business Consulting), specialised in industrial risks notably for factories, port authorities, and so on. Ten years later, he placed his stockholdings with broker Aon Belgium, where he continues to pursue a career as company director.

Throughout these years, Robert Lievemont has participed in many activities in the social and cultural sector. Founder of L.C. Antwerpen/Haven, a member of diverse associations such as the Amis de MuHKA, Rubenshuis, Museum M of Louvain and several other museums, he has become an engaged actor in the art milieu present at the biennales, exhibitions and international art fairs.

From the 2000s on, his growing passion for the artistic world became the main driver of his new professional distinciton, which consists in specialising in the insurance of art works/art collections. This has enabled him to practice his profession in the framework of his passion for art.