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Solutions for institutions

Tailor-made solutions

Our team of experts puts its competences at your service to provide you with a tailor-made solution suited to your specific need. Each case is treated individually and confidentially.

Stable solutions

Our general conditions were designed on the basis of our experience and according to clients' needs. They were negotiated with the greatest international insurers (Axa Art, Catlin, Hiscox, Lloyd's, XL, ...).

Competitive solutions

We guarantee the management of your call for tenders with every specialised insurer, thus freeing you of comparison work.

Strong solutions

The recognition that we enjoy on the international insurance market allows us to offer you significant insurance capacities (particularly for collections or temporary exhibitions) without having to resort to third parties.

Interested by our solutions?

Our references

General terms


These solutions were designed for museums, cultural institutions, administrations (regional, provincial, communal or ministries) or still, public foundations:


  • Audit of existing insurance contracts and recognition of your institution's specific needs
  • Advice in matters of prevention and risk management (including GRASP)
  • Elaboration of overall solutions according to the specificities of your activity and identification of the suitable insurers
  • Analysis and situation appraisal relative to the State guarantee of each country


  • Implementation of your insurance contracts
  • Search for capacity and coinsurance with the adequate insurers for major risks
  • Issuing of insurance certificates in the event of a loan of artworks towards all the parties concerned
  • Assistance for calls of tender:
    • Assistance for creating specification sheets for call to tenders
    • Synchronisation of call to tenders at national and international levels
  • Claims management:
    • Advocacy and complete follow up of your case with the insurers
    • Assistance in identifying the professionals intervening within the framework of your claim (experts, art restorers, repairers…)
    • Follow up of your insurance premiums with the insurers
  • Management and accounting follow up of your premiums with the insurers

Additional services

  • Assistance in creating appropriate leasing contracts for artworks
  • Assistance for international operations (transportation, customs, storage)
  • Study and synchronisation of covers in relation to the lenders / borrowers (adjustment of contracts, general conditions, specific conditions)
  • Help in the search and restitution of stolen artworks or pieces
  • Help to conduct an inventory of your artworks and valuables